About Riverboat Studio

Riverboat Studio is a collective of professional filmmakers. We focus on human emotions to tell unique stories and transform them into powerful videos.


Florian Kunert Founder


Gabrielle BradyFounder

Gabrielle Brady is an Australian/British producer and director. Her documentary films have been shown in international festivals in Portugal, Asia, Canada and Australia.
Gabrielle was associate producer for the award-winning documentary film Coniston which was runner-up for the Australian documentary of the year award in 2012. Prior to this she spent several years working as producer for Australia's highest rating public affairs show 'Sunday Night'.
Gabrielle has lived and worked in Central Australia, Cuba, Canada and Indonesia. She is currently completing a video project for the United Nations (UNFDP) in Indonesia.

Florian Kunert is a worldwide filmmaker and cameraman. His rich portfolio includes professional branding, music videos and documentary films which have featured at international film festivals.

After graduating from the University of Media in Stuttgart Florian continued his education in film studies at the renowned international film school in Cuba EICTV. Florian has lived and made films in Germany, South Africa, Cuba, Mexico and Australia. He is currently working between Europe and Asia.



1. Script

Formulating ideas in a colaborative environment.

Together with you we define the core essence of your project. With the atmosphere, emotions and content from this we develop a unique story. Production planning and expenditure as big or small as your needs require.

2. Shooting

Transforming emotions audiovisually.

With an experienced team and professional equipment we execute your ideas. Intensive casting and location scouting guarantee an individualized look. Working sensitively with the actors we are able to ensure that the core emotions are linked to your brand in an authentic way.

3. Post Production

Assembling emotions strategically and rhythmically.

The High-end IT-Infrastructure studios as well as the Usage of market leading software ensure a direct finishing process in picture and sound.

With our well equiped studios and cutting edge software we ensure a timely and professional post production process in both video and sound. In the color correction we can emphasize atmosphere and sensations. The sound design gives your video a rhythm and helps to convey information more effectively. Where necessary we work closely with a team of dynamic composers, DJs and foley artists to create your soundscape.





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